COUPONS Questions & Answers Fetish Store Fetischladen CH

Coupons Questions & Answers Fetish Store Fetischladen CH Switzerland:

Buy gift vouchers / coupons :
You can buy vochers / coupons alike all other products at our fetish store Fetischladen CH. As soon as You have bought and paid the coupon, the shop system will activate your coupon. You will then see the coupon amount in your shopping cart. Then you can send the coupon via e-mail by clicking the link "send coupon".
How to dispatch vouchers / coupons:
To dispatch a coupon, please click the link "send coupon" in your shopping cart. To send the coupon to the correct person, we need the following details: Surname and real name of the recipient and a valid e-mail address of the recipient, and the desired coupon amount (You can also use only parts of your balance). Please provide also a short message for the recipient. Please check those information again before you click the "send coupon" button. You can change all information at any time before clicking the "send coupon" button.
How to use vouchers / coupons to buy products:
As soon as you have a balance, you can use it to pay for Your orders during the checkout process, You can redeem your coupon also directly at the checkout. In case your balance is less than the value of goods you ordered, you would have to choose your preferred method of payment for the difference amount. In case your balance is more than the value of goods you ordered, the remaining amount of your balance will be saved for your next order.
How to redeem vouchers / coupons:
In case you have received a coupon via e-mail, you can:
1. Click on the link provided in the e-mail. If you do not have an account in this shop already, please create a personal account.
2. After having added a product to your shopping cart, you can enter your coupon code.
3. To use the voucher-code you have to create a personal account, then you can place the coupon-code directly into the coupon-field at the checkout.
In case of problems:
In case of unexpectedly trouble / problems in using your coupons, please check back with us via our e-mail: info at Please describe the encountered problem as detailed as possible! We need the following information to process your request quickly: Your name, user id, the coupon code, error messages the shop system returned to you, and the name of the web browser you are using (e.g. "Internet Explorer 6" or "Firefox 1.5").
My coupon code does not work:
If you have already entered the coupon code, it will be credited to your customer account or - at checkout - directly to the order. If you do not see the credit balance in your account, it's probalbly because the cache of your browser. Empty the cache of the browser and / or reload the page.
Do you ship printed coupons as well?
No, we do not send printed coupons. Each coupon will be transmitted electronically by email as a one-time use valid code.
Are different vouchers / codes cumulative usable?
Yes, you can accumulate vouchers, but only with a customer account to which you can credit the different vouchers. When orderin a a guest, you can only enter one coupon code at the checkout.
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us: info - at - - we will respond with answers as soon as possible! Make your friends, acquaintances, family or lover's a present and give away gift vouchers / coupons from the fetish store Fetischladen CH Switzerland!Fetischladen-ch-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpg