CB-X Peniskäfige CB3000 CB6000 Curve

Chastity Penis Cage CB-X "CB-6000" Wood

Chastity Penis Cage CB-X CB-6000 Wood
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Chastity Penis Cage CB-X CB-6000 Wood
Chastity Penis Cage CB-X CB-6000 Wood
Chastity Penis Cage CB-X CB-6000 Wood
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Product no.: 133925-EDC-E33223EP-LG
GTIN/EAN: 094922298539
Manufacturer: CB-X Peniskäfige CB3000 CB6000 Curve

Products description

Chastity Penis Cage CB-X "CB-6000" Wood.

Chastity penis cage CB-X "CB-6000" wood - this is the Cadillac of the male chastity devices on the market! The chastity penis cage CB-6000 is an original from CB-X, it has a flat design for very good comfort. The CB-6000 penis cage consists of a series of matching parts for the perfect fit adjustment to your size.
Two guide rods fit into the upper part while a locking rod leads through the center hole - this is the connection of the chastity cage to the selected cock ring, where one of the locks supplied is also attached for proper chastity. Made of hard - but light, impact-resistant - polycarbonate with slots for good ventilation and easier urination as well as easy hygienic care.
The CB-X CB-6000 is the most promising long-term chastity product on the market.You feel more secure when you give away the key, the original CB-X CB-6000 will keep your friend safe and tightly locked. Usable 24/7 - with the included, numbered plastic locks cheating is impossible.
Size: Each set comes with rings of different sizes with a diameter from approximately 3.8 cm to 5.1 cm. The cage itself is 8.3 cm long and 3.5 cm wide and 7.9 cm long inside.

Material: Medical grade, hypoallergenic polycarbonate,

Color: Wood look.

Each chastity penis cage set contains:
  • 1 padded transport bag,
  • 1 Penis cage,
  • 1 Brass lock with key,
  • 3 Spacers,
  • 3 Closure rods,
  • 5 Rings in different sizes,
  • 5 individually numbered plastic locks.
Tips: It is recommended that you apply a silicone-based lubricant after showering to make it easier for your friend to slip in (or out of) the CB-6000 chastity penis cage.
Airport security in modern times: think of the brass lock - just use one of the plastic locks when you travel by plane. Some people report no problems with the metal detector despite the brass lock, but we recommend using the plastic locks as a precaution.
The 5 numbered plastic locks are for single use only, once closed they can only be opened with pliers.The CB-6000 rings are NOT suitable for the CB-2000 or CB-3000 or also for the curve.
Ralf Swoboda

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CB-X Peniskäfige CB3000 CB6000 Curve
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