DELIVERY TIMES Eroticshop Sexshop Fetischladen CH Switzerland

Delivery times Eroticshop Sexshop Fetischladen CH Switzerland:

Learn more about the Delivery times at our eroticshop sexshop Fetischladen CH Switzerland:

Hello and SUPER have you found us in the internet jungle. We do not advertise, we just rely on the word of mouth of current customers.
From "protection money extortion" we hold nothing. (Used to be called so at boom-mafia times - TODAY that's called "PAY PER CLICK" ...) DON'T MATTER whether Google or Bing or other so-called "search engines" which shows you at first ONLY links where THEY get money... and if you click on that announcements, that's your fault, you pay mostly much higher prices and help them to finance that stupidity.
So - now about delivery times. We want to have - and had always - fair prices. Likewise, ethics and correctness are still a term for us against all the fraudsters on the net with misrepresentation or concealment of delivery times.

We will let you know about the expected delivery time, when we work on the order paid by cards Visa, MC, Amex, Diners, Twint and Postcard. At prepaid-orders / wire transfer you will hear from us about the expected delivery time, when we have received the purchase amount.
As sooner you order - and not waisting time with delivery-time questions - as sooner you get your order!

Generally we can ship all orders in 4 - 5 business days.
It shouldn't be up to us, we have no interest in keeping our customers waiting! BUT:

There may be delays that are beyond our control due to government restrictions and country border controls as well as reduced freight capacities.

- Delivery services worldwide are also overloaded or delayed; practically all international transport services are not anymore function smoothly. Services such as DHL, UPS and Fedex have been delivering at least a day late compared to before the pLandemic, contrary to their promises... only the freight costs have not changed or have increased.

- In addition, replenishment is made more difficult by the ongoing worldwide container traffic jam, which not only contains end products, but also production raw materials.

- Our wholesalers sometimes run out of inventory for certain items or are not replenished due to a lack of supplies. In addition, some wholesalers are already shipping with delays, as has been the case since the spike-injection and now often thick workers. NOBODY knows when exactly what will come in until it is there; this affects wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers alike, across practically all sectors of the economy.

- There are also country-specific holidays - we order from the USA, Holland, Germany and France. Although we can take Swiss holidays into account in our delivery times, this does not work for cross-border holidays, because shipments from the USA, for example, come in via France and Germany, and shipments from Holland also come in via Germany. As soon as there is a public holiday in the shipping and transit countries, the shipment will be automatically delayed.

Unfortunately, we have no influence on this, but we are doing our best - as we have done for now over 22 years - so that we can still deliver promptly.

IF YOU ORDER NON-AVAILABLE ITEMS, we reserve the right to delete these items from the order for our own protection. Since the Corona times with unbelievable restrictions by governments worldwide, it cannot be that we have to bear the comparatively expensive shipping costs for after-shipments meanwhile the suppliers keep themselves free of costs. Also we don't want to let you wait a unpredictable time¨As soon as you see a date "expected" on the item in the shop, this is NOT RELIABLE, because we can only specify what our wholesalers / manufacturers specify.

So just think 5 working days for the shipment to you, if we can get it done faster you will hopefully enjoy it! And honestly - do you need a lubricant, condoms or a fucking machine tomorrow? Is the super-fair pricing at us not worth a little waiting time? At Iih-Bay and A-R-mazon you wait also some days and you can mostly then think about a customs invoice...

For shipments to the EU / EC and worldwide, you can find more information on our shipping charge page.

You really can purchase at us at low amounts, mostly much cheaper (up to 300% and MORE!! than the other's offers... (In almost all cases inside switzerland, but also very often at shops in the EC and the United States...).

The ONLY thing would be, you have a bit of time! If you order today and you await the delivery already yesterday, unfortunately we can not help you further.
The delivery time is dependent from which supplier / manufacturer in which country your ordered items come from, when at which day you and we order them, and if we have them in our stock or not.
At this time we offer about 5700 different erotic items at our sexshop, without colors and sizes, otherwise this number x 4 items. Without sponsoring it is absolutely impossible to have everything in stock.
The longest shipping / importing times occur at our US-suppliers with about 2-5 business days to us. Even from the EU the shipments need often 3-4 and more days to us.

We have also suppliers, where we can ship in 2 business days.

In general, you can also ask before ordering how the delivery times are - for this we need the order numbers, perhaps color / size of the desired item - E-mail is sufficient, the answer usually comes within a very short time.
About contact: Please in a polite and acceptable form, you probably also expect that you will be treated politely and with respect... but this seems in today's time and with many people unfortunately not necessarily standard to be. So notice: As you call into the forest, it resounds!

You have the choice - the whole year with us cheap shopping and just accept a few days delivery, or wait for others to such pseudo-cheap promotions like Black Friday / Cyber Monday and similar - OR you take the prices (up to 300% and more) of them and get your order PERHAPS sooner.
Even at large Swiss competitor-shops we are mostly - with theyr percents - at our original price calculation. We could supply examples of that hundred-, no thousand times - but unfortunately we are not allowed to.
If these "big ones" then certainly have much cheaper purchase prices (and some of them no or low shipping cost because of sponsored) than we have, then such customer-for-stupid sales promotions as Black Friday are already an impudence, as seen from our side. But apparently there are enough people where fall for it - unfortunately.

We simply can not afford such extreme promotions, finally we have to earn a little bit money.

Exceptions can occur when there are, for example, wrong dates at the supplier, or also when the daily update lists from the suppliers arrive, and it's not yet applied to our shop.
Also the national holidays in the different countrys can delay the shipments one or two days.

Hereby we can do a partial-shipment at orders above a minimum of 250.- CHF (inside switzerland), the outstanding item will be delivered then, without any cost for you, as soon available again. Of course, we will inform you as soon we know about the circumstances, or you can ask always about the status by email (info - at -

If there is something backordered at our suppliers, it needs normally about 2-4 weeks until the item is available again. At special producers, this can last up to 3 month.

At orders below 250.- CHF we can also ship partial, but only if you accept the additional charge.
Express, priority, saturday-delivery is also possible (As soon ready to ship) with additional charge for the customer.

Then there is also the customs, which can delay shipments for some days, or freight forwarders with "shiny services" which get more and more expensive with less real service...
Or sometimes comes this in:
"Severe weather conditions have delayed delivery. / Your delivery has been rescheduled for the next business day."
This is annoying, but understandable, the safety of the workers is in first line.

Our Tip:
Compare our prices with the Switzerland's competitors! We do our best to get the best-possible offers for you, therefore we need some days to ship.
We have seen price differences at the most eroticshops in Switzerland as also in the EC compared to our's between 10% up to 300% !
The clever customer - with a litte bit of time - is shopping at !

We at Fetischladen CHfetischladen-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpgdo ALWAYS our best to get your order as soon as possible to you!

Please read for more details also the "Informations for customers".