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Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel

Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
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Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel
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Product no.: EM40-SM-139278-DO-E32356EP-LG
GTIN/EAN: 609224032684
Manufacturer: Electrastim Elektrosex E-Stim Geräte & Elektroden

Products description

Electrastim KIX Electrosex Stimulator 1-Channel.

Electrastim KIX electrosex stimulator 1-channel: Electrastim's KIX is ideal for beginners in e-stim to gain their first experience. The KIX is being launched on the market for Electrastim's 20th anniversary!
The ElectraStim KIX is compact, lightweight and has enough power to get the most out of most of the Electrastim accessories. The KIX electrosex stimulator is a fun and functional e-stim device with an exciting range of functions.

Key Features:
The color spectrum for the intensity replaces numerical levels to encourage experimentation through sensations.
1-channel bipolar stimulation current output,
5 game modes,
Frequency 'Sweep n Keep' mode,
Seamless transition between the intensity levels.
USB rechargeable - up to 3 hours of playtime per charge, (depending on intensity).
Inexpensive but feature-rich introduction to electrosex.
2 x conductive pads, USB cable and accessory cable included.
Unique "color phase" LED display,
Touchpad intensity control,
Pocket size with soft-touch surface.

If you are new to electro sex and are experimenting with this unique variety for the first time, you will not know which level of stimulation is right for you. Don't worry, none of us will know that at the beginning!
On the KIX, Electrastim has completely removed the number setting to provide a simpler experience suitable for anyone just starting their electrosex journey. Unlike the traditional numerical intensity levels of other stimulators, the KIX gently moves through a spectrum of colors as you increase or decrease the sensations.
Starting with cooler shades to represent lower intensities, to warmer, richer colors at maximum power, KIX not only looks striking, but encourages you to experiment by feeling. Instead of a gradual adjustment of the intensity, KIX offers transition phases with silky smoothness between the levels.
The up and down touchpads allow seamless progression through the levels with a light touch, ideal if you're looking for a discreet addition to your game. KIX also has 5 built-in stimulation patterns, including a unique "Sweep n Keep" mode, where the frequency of the stimulation in addition to the intensity can be selected for a variety of unique sensations.
The pocket-sized Electrastim KIX electrosex stimulator has a bipolar output that is perfect for solo or partner games. KIX is also rechargeable via USB and is environmentally friendly. One charge is enough for up to about 3 hours of uninterrupted play.
KIX also comes with a set of conductive pads so you can start playing right out of the box.

Box content:

1 Electrastim KIX electrosex stimulator,
1 output cable,
2 self-adhesive electropads,
1 USB charging cable,
1 microfiber storage bag,
1 manual (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES),
Warranty card.

Electrastim KIX User Manual Multi-Language PDF.

Note: The KIX electrosex stimulator 1-channel is not compatible with the "large" electrodes from Electrastim!
Which electrode is suitable as an accessory? Compatibility list from Electrastim (Opens in new window). The "large" electrodes from Mystim will not be able to provide the full stimulation performance either, although Mystim electrodes are directly compatible without an adapter.

Ralf Swoboda

This product is compatible with:

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7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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