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Electrastim Electrosex Powerboxes Electrodes buy

System Electrastim

Electrastim Electrosex Powerboxes & Electrodes buy in Switzerland:electrastim-electrosex-powerboxes-electrodes-buy.jpg

Eeh? Electrosex E-stim what is that? (Click me)
Electrastim electrosex powerboxes & electrodes buy: Electrastim E-stim electrosex powerboxes and electrodes are high-class products. From Electrastim you can buy quality electrosex powerboxes and electrodes, they are very solid built from best available materials and for a long life designed.
Special and innovative are the Electrastim electrosex powerboxes with wireless remote control, as also the Electrastim USB rechargeable powerboxes, they are unique on the erotic electrostimulation market. Electrastim has round E-stim plugs to the powerbox and pin-contacts to the electrodes.
Electrastim products are directly and without any adapter compactible with Mystim E-Stim products. Electrodes from Electastim can be used with powerboxes from Mystim and electrodes from Mystim can be used with powerboxes from Electrastim. At you can buy Electrastim powerboxes and electrodes for a reasonable price! Electrastim electrosex powerboxes & electrodes buy in Switzerlandfetischladen-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpgcheap at Fetischladen CH online store!

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