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E-Stim wireless Receiver "Mystim Sultry-Sub Channel-2"

E-Stim wireless Receiver Mystim Sultry-Sub Channel-2
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E-Stim wireless Receiver Mystim Sultry-Sub Channel-2
E-Stim wireless Receiver Mystim Sultry-Sub Channel-2
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Product no.: 0592854-O-E26775EP
GTIN/EAN: 4260152465126
MPN: 46512
Manufacturer: Mystim Elektrostimulation Sexspielzeuge

Products description

E-Stim wireless Receiver "Mystim Sultry-Sub Channel-2".

You need a Mystim Cluster Buster E-Stim powerbox to use the E-stim wireless receiver Mystim Sultry-Sub! The Mystim Sultry-Sub's are true team players: Any number of them will obey their master, the Mystim Cluster Buster, and put out electrical pulses to one, two, three or an unlimited number of Mystim toys in order to pamper or torture you cable-free, just the way you want it.
In order to be able to select different toys at different channels at the E-Stim Mystim Cluster Buster machine, you should make sure to use Sultry-Sub's with different channel numbers from 1 (in the Cluster Buster Starter Kit included) to 8.

- E-stim wireless receiver Mystim Sultry-Sub Channel-2,
- Cable with Mystim DC 4mm round plug, fits only to Mystim Cluster Buster E-stim powerbox.
- Bipolar self-adhesive electrode 40 x 80 mm,
- Rechargeable, polymer lithium-ion battery, 3.7V 260 mAh,
- Frequency range 5 - 70 Hz,
- Intensity 0 - 70 mA,
- Short brief operating instructions,
- 12 month Mystim warranty.
Ralf Swoboda

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