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MYSTIM E-Stim Powerboxes Electrodes buy


MYSTIM E-Stim Powerboxes & Electrodes buy in Switzerland:mystim-e-stim-powerboxes-electrodes-buy.jpg

Eeh? Electrosex E-stim what is that? (Click me)
Here we offer Mystim powerboxes & electrodes to buy. Mystim produces high-value, solid E-Stim Powerboxes and Electrodes for erotic electrostimulation, as well as other sextoys. With Mystim you buy Quality "Made in Germany" with a long lifetime.
The Mystim electrosex system comes with E-Stim round plugs to the powerbox and pin-contacts to the electrodes. For beginners of electro-erotic stimulation, there is the analogue Pure Vibes basic complete-set, the digital Tenstion Lover set is made for advanced users with higher demands. The latest innovation from Mystim ist the Cluster Buster powerbox with wireless remote control.
Mystim offers a wide selection of electrosex electrodes for women and men, replacement leads are also available if, over time, the cable included in the original set went broken during playing. The Mystim E-stim powerboxes & electrodes are also directly compactible with ElectraStim Products. Mystim E-stim powerboxes & electrodes buy in SwitzerlandFetischladen-ch-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpglow-priced at Fetischladen CH!

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