Electrosex Electrostimulation E-Stim Information Basics & Important for Beginners simply explained

Electrosex Electrostimulation E-Stim Information Basics & Important erotic electrostimulation simply explained for beginners:

Electricity & sex - The erotic electrostimulation is - as the medical electrotherapy as used for example to treat allergies, or the EMS muscle building training in professional sports - for decades a interesting theme.
However, electrosex or erotic electrostimulation, also known as E-stim or Estim for short, has only recently become well-known and more and more popular.
Electrosex may perhaps now still sound a bit strange to you, but erotic electrostimulation can be lots of fun, whether used by women or men!
If you remember only two basic rules (we'll come back to that later), electrosex is safe and absolutely exciting, definitely something you should try out yourself in a non-boring sex life.

Here you will find basics & important information about electrosex, electrostimulation, E-stim, which simply explains the erotic electrostimulation for beginners.

Are you in the mood for something exciting new? Have fun getting information and then of course also at the electrosex!

What is electrosex - electrostimulation - E-stim?
How does electrosex work?
Electrosex is Sado-Maso!?
Electricity and sex - are they crazy? Electrostimulation is dangerous!?
I'm interested, how should I start?
I bought an electrosex device and now?


What is electrosex - electrostimulation - E-stim?

These are terms for the basically same thing.
Electrosex is - roughly said - when you include electrical impulses in your erotic & sex games.
The term electrosex extends over a wide range of erotic games, from stimulating foreplay over exciting deep penetration to long (explicitly hand-free), extremely strong and long climaxes.
Depending on the settings of pulse strength and frequency, electrosex produces a stimulating to exciting, a tender to hard, a tingling and twitching of the sensitive musculature.
Electrostimulation can bring the whole body into pure ecstasy.

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How does electrosex work?

Our body is virtually an electrical power plant itself. He has sensitive nerve tracts and nerve endings, which transmit the information received to the brain. This does the body with electrical impulses.
When you touch something, or when you are touched, when you feel something, these are electrical impulses that your brain processes as soft, gentle, hard, warm or cold, pleasant or unpleasant.
If you are moving or eating good food and tasting, if you feel the wind on your skin, if you are kissing or get kissed, if you have sex - in short, everything you physically get touched, you do and feel, is an electrical impulse of the nerve endings communicated and sent as stimulation - more or less stimulating - to the brain.

Electrosex devices and e-stim sex toys doing this very similar.
They also generate electrical impulses (in our case at the intimate body parts), which are then sent by the nerve endings and pathways directly to the brain. This stimulates and is extremely exciting, the body - again controlled by an electrical impulse - pours in good feelings a high number of happiness hormones (endorphins).
Electrosex, the erotic electrostimulation is aimed at the genital areas, because there are, both inside and outside on the body, a lot of sensitive nerve endings, waiting for stimulating electrical impulses.

As with "normal" electrical power, such as a battery, it requires a plus and a minus pole to allow the current - or electrical impulse - to flow and close the circuit.

For a stimulating communication of the nerve endings and the brain, we need the simultaneous contact of a positive and a negative pole, so that then the erotic body parts - located exactly in the center - can experience the erotic electrostimulation.
Imagine yourself and your girlfriend or friend (meant for men quite ambiguously) as a positive pole, they are the negative pole - but then it sparks when touched in the "right" places! (hopefully wink) However, you can make spark-spreading experiences sure with a electrosex device!

There are many E-stim sex toys to the controller units, called electrodes:
There are unipolar electrodes with only one conductive pole / surface, which then need another unipolar toy. Then there are bipolar sextoys with two poles / conductive surfaces, which dont need another electrode to stimulate.
Needless to say, for the operation of the electrodes it also requires an electrosex control unit, also called powerbox, which is available with one or more bipolar channels for the simultaneous control of one or more E-Stim electrodes.
In our Fetischladen CH fetish shop you will find electrosex control units / powerboxes with up to 6 channels and also quattropolar electrodes which even have 4 conductive surfaces, more on that later.

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Iiihh! Electrosex is Sado-Maso!?

No and yes - or not necessarily and of course! Of course, electrosex / electrostimulation can also be used in SM sex practices, but it does not have to. But that's up to you.
The boundaries between gentle foreplay, hours of erotic stimulation, strong e-stimulation to the point of "explosion" and electro-punishment are fluid and can also be set infinitely with good electrosex devices and toys.
You can decide for yourself whether you want to set your games-room completely under electrical power, or you just prefer to take it a bit easier first.

This prejudice against electrosex comes from the fact, that the SM-scene, with the typical curiosity of "discovering" electrosexual stimulation, has helped to promote this kind of sexual enhancement to introduce E-Stim devices and electrodes.
The various manufacturers of the electrosex devices and E-stim sextoys have recognized this at an early stage and developed the advanced technology for it. Without the SM-scene, electric flights in the bedroom would probably still be in its infancy today.
It started in the early 1990s with the so-called Violet Wand (also Purple Wand), a rod-shaped electrical stimulation device that delivers violet flashes, similar to a static charge, such as small electrifying sparks, as if you take off your T-shirt over the hair (depending on the material), only naturally targeted to the erotic electro-stimulation.
This nowadays antique E-stim device was expensive, heavy and sensitive and could only be used for a very short time - for a few minutes.
The latest devices called Twilight Wand or Neon Wand, are handy, small and affordable, can do more and are not as sensitive as the original, can be used for a long time even in one piece.
The large number of different manufacturers, electrosex devices and E-Stim sex toys also testifies to the fact that in electrostimulation quite gentle, long-lasting e-stimulation exists. More and more people are getting along and "coming" to the taste.
Especially E-stim vibrators and E-stim kegel balls can be useful and even sustainable with the pelvic floor training and strengthening of the vaginal muscles.

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Iiiih! Electrostimulation & sex - are they crazy? Electricity is dangerous!?

No! Basically, electrosex / electrostimulation current is not dangerous if you use the devices and electrodes properly and do not modify them.
But there are important rules:

1 .: Do not use electrostimulation above the waistline, especially the body zones heart, neck and head / brain may under no circumstances be placed under stimulating current!
The only exception to this important rule are bipolar nipple clamps, where current flow only flows between the two tips of the clamps, seeks the shortest path to the other pole, and no dangerous current flow towards the heart can occur.
2 .: Never use electrostimulation without medical consultation in people with heart problems, heart defects or pacemakers. (A heart pacemaker also uses electrostimulation and may be disturbed by other impulses in the function!)

Electricity always seeks the shortest path to the other pole, just as lightning strikes the next point to the ground during thunderstorms. If you take this into serious, you can always protect the forbidden areas heart, neck and head from unwanted electrical stimulation current and enjoy the erotic electrostimulation carefree!

Irritations of the skin:

The muscle stimulator pads electrodes have mostly a skin-friendly adhesive film on the conductive side. Some skin types are still sensitive to it. If you experience skin irritation after using electro-pads, wash off the affected area with mild soap and water. Applying a little aloe vera helps to reduce the skin irritation quickly.
Avoid treating these irritated areas with electrostimulation again, before they are fully recovered. Do not use a depilatory cream and do not shave wet before you use self-adhesive electro pads, better is a hair cut with a scissor or trimmer.
The same applies to non-self-adhesive electro pads and other electrodes, which are attached to the desired parts of the body with an adhesive tape.
The various manufacturers of muscle stimulators electro pads use differently composed adhesives. Some are very strong, others less strong. It may help to change the manufacturer's brand of pads already.


Burns of the skin, heat development:

Metal such as piercing's or a contraceptive spiral may attract the current and may thereby become warm. However, the current power and pulse rate of electrical stimulation devices and E-Stim sextoys is INTENTIONALLY too weak for burns, so there can be no real burns.

For spirals, the material is important - if metal, then it can get warm - ask your doc! Piercing's can be easily removed if an unpleasant heat development should occur.
Really hot at most - and ONLY - will be the electrosex smiley! Otherwise, we would be back on the subject of SM - Only the harden get into the garden!

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Hmm ... learned a lot - I'm interested now but beginner, how should I start?

First, you can decide if you want to use an E-stim controller and separate electrodes, or buy an electrosex toy with built-in E-stim technology, such as an E-stim vibrator. These standalone E-stim sex toys have built in a pulse generator and come with preprogrammed modes. It does not need any additional hardware, electrodes and cables.
- E-stim sex toys with integrated electro function do not need a separate control unit. But then you can not operate any more electrodes with it.

- At the fetish store Fetischladen CH you will find ECUs from different manufacturers, from the smallest, most affordable device in pocket size to the professional power box with 6 bipolar channels. You can then connect various electrodes in a large selection.
All electrosex device sets come with electrodes, so you can start immediately with the electro-erotic stimulation!

TIP: If you are not completely sure that electrosex is something for you, start small (and cheap)!
Get an E-stim sex toy with built-in E-stim function or an affordable electrosex controller box. The smallest E-stim control unit from ZEUS Electrosex is cheap with only below 30.- CHF and comes with self-adhesive electrode pads!
If you want to experience more e-stim later, you can still buy a high quality - and also more expensive - E-Stim controller.

Which E-stim brand should I buy?
The choice of brand is yours, you're spoiled for choice smiley! Here you will find the brands Mystim and Electrastim, whose high-quality devices and electrodes are compactible with each other. The same applies to Rimba and Zeus electrosex devices and E-stim toys
The big advantages of directly compactible systems are:
- You do not need additional adapters to operate an E-stim sextoy from one brand to the other brand's sex toy.
- You have a "duplicated" range of E-stim electrodes for almost endless possibilities of erotic electrostimulation.
There are also adapters and cable sets available, that allow the combination of electrodes / devices of different brands. However, we recommend to use at most one additional adapter. Why? A disturbing loose contact is not only annoying extremely, it can also ruin the entire electro-stimulation experience, not to mention the cable clutter.
E-stim control unit / powerbox:
These are analog and also digital available with only one or more channels for the operation of one or more bipolar electrodes simultaneously. These switching-centers for erotic electrostimulation offer you precise, exact adjustment options for current intensity, current frequency and usually also adjustable duration of electrostimulation.
There are battery-powered controllers and 220V-powered powerboxes.
Powerbox operation with wall-outlet's does not mean that 220V shoot through your body! No, the power output of this flexible devices, which is compactible with two power sources, is as subtle as battery-powered devices, but you do not need batteries anymore and the stimulation current is consistent even with multiple electrodes connected at the same time, without disruptive power loss.
Meanwhile, there are also radio-remote-controlled electrosex devices of the latest generation, high-tech e-stim machines for electrifying stimulation from a distance. We also offer you to buy USB rechargeable E-stim device versions, which saves the constant, annoying (and expensive) purchase of batteries.
E-stim electrodes:
You decide according to your mood or even the situation which elektrosex toys you connect to the control unit. At our fetish store Fetischladen CH you will find a huge selection of E-stim electrodes for women and men. There are cock rings, butt plugs, dildos, kegel balls, massage gloves, body clamps, penis chastity cages with e-stim function and many other very interesting electro sex toys.

Check if the selected electrode is unipolar or bipolar. For unipolar electrodes, it requires another unipolar electrode to close the circuit. Bipolar electrodes can be enjoyed without further electrodes.

There are also quattropolar electrodes, which can be operated with 2 channels on the control unit (not necessarily). These then stimulate in two places simultaneously, such as a G-spot or prostateas well as the perineum simultaneously and independently.

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Okay - understood. I have purchased a electrosex device. And now?

Congratulations on your entry into the world of erotic electrostimulation!

- Familiarize yourself with the new acquisition first outside the body. Pick up your E-stim sex toy so that the plus and minus poles touch the palm of your hand.
- Turn on the controller (or the E-stim sextoy). Do not worry, electrosex controllers and toys usually turn on at the lowest intensity. If you have a E-stim powerbox, you will also see the settings on the display.
- Learn how the electrifying impulses with the different intensities and pulse patterns are to feel, with pressure in the hand, with contact gel or water-based lubricant and also with the settings on the control unit / E-stim sex toy.
- The more area - for example in your hand - the electrode touches at both poles, the more evenly the stimulation current is distributed to this area. If you only touch the poles with your fingertips, that is a very small area, the noticeable intensity immediately increases much higher!
- If possible, use an electrosex optimized contact gel. These electrolyte-enriched, water-based gel's greatly increase the conductivity. A water-based lubricant works also, even if it does not have the same high conductive effect of a contact gel.
- Make sure that the cable plugs are well inserted and that the cables to the electrodes are loose, that there is no pulling or tearing on the cables and the electrodes.

Now we from Fetischladen CH fetish shop Switzerland wish a lot of fun!
If there are any uncertainty and further questions, we will gladly help you via our contact form or by direct email: info - at - fetishladen.ch

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