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PVC Vinyl Rubber Latex Gloss & Care Spray 400ml

PVC Vinyl Rubber Latex Gloss & Care Spray 400ml
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Product no.: 201001-LIB-LG18
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PVC Vinyl Rubber Latex Gloss & Care Spray 400ml.

The PVC Vinyl Rubber Latex Gloss & Care Spray Silicon 100 serves as a care and release agent, prevents sticking of PVC & rubber clothing, when folded together in the closet. It forms an invisible protective film on latex, leather, PVC and synthetic fabric, prolongs the life of the garments.
Silicon 100 gloss and care spray leaves a fine, clear, non-irritating and durable, non-staining film that does not melt, it is temperature-resistand and do not dry out. It reduces wear, eleminates friction and squeaking and has very good anti-adhesive and anti-static effects, repels moisture and dirt.
Silicon 100 makes rubber, latex, PVC Vinyl and synthetic fabrics weater- and abrasion resistand, keeping them soft and flexible. Effective on all surfaces.
NOT toxic and not harmful on the skin. Can also be used as a dressing-aid.
SILICON 100 is an active ingredient based on water-repellent, odorless, chemically inert silicone oils (dimethylpolysiloxane). Contains no CFRP, solvents or other chemicals. Comes in a large 400ml spray bottle.
Note: This is a silicone-oil based gloss & care spray, so if you are allergic to silicone, do not use silicon 100. Do not use on silicone sextoys. Spray-fog which gets on smooth floors makes them very slippery. Best spray at a carpet or at paper-covered floors or outside.
Ralf Swoboda

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