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INFORMATIONS FOR CUSTOMERS Fetish Sexshop Switzerland Fetischladen CH

Informations for Customers Fetish Sexshop Switzerland Fetischladen CH:

Guest order or a customer account?
Pricing at Fetischladen CH
Order processing & delivery times
Payment options
Customers outside of Switzerland
Newsletter from Fetischladen CH

Hello and thank you, that you get some important informations from this page!

The Fetischladen CH fetish sexshop SwitzerlandFetischladen-ch-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpgexists since 2002 - and was before reachable (and is still) over - this tells already much about us!?
We place great value on the best quality products, it does´nt matter what you see here.
Not least is the price of the item for you and important to us, so we look for a good relationship between price and performance-ratio. Compare our prices with other stores at the WWW. (* First save our shop as a bookmark?!)
Our slogan: Better selling quality at a reasonable price than quantity and cheaply made products with anger an problems... (Therefore we CAN not have everything in stock and it takes perhaps a few days to delivery.)
Our contribution to the environment: we use partially used packaging. AND: Our manufacturers make the goods all over the world with correct payments to the workers and with observing environmental regulations.
Our KNOWLEDGE: Only satisfied customers come back! AND we know that we have a special range on offers - SO we've got also special customers. (!)

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Guest order or customer account:
A customer's account makes it possible to control your purchases at any time, to query the status, to receive vouchers and at a new order, you do not always have to re-enter your data. Your can set also an separate shipping address as also for example pickpost or postlagernd (poststorage) addresses. Also, only at customers accounts it is possible to cumulate the total amount of yearly oders to get the 5% "regular customer" discount.
You can order in our shop as a guest, but there is to remember, that you at each new order at us, your data have to be filled again at the order form. Also we do not make backorders if needed (especially at pre-paid orders), before we dont get the payable amount. Also, you can not check your status of the orders or the last orders you made at us. Also, the basket will not been kept, when you leave the shop or you reach the timeout at browsing. Also, the "regular customer discount" of 5% (if reached) can not be applied.
Also, the links in our order-confirmation email's to your order don't work, since there is no regular account.
The better way is - you create for once a customer account.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE A FREE EMAIL ACCOUNT as specifically Hotmail, GMX, Yahoo, because otherwise our mails to you might get caught in the spam filter (Erotic content). This is - friendly said - BULLSHIT, but it is like that.
As a reliable free email address has e.g. Gmail proven.
You will receive confirmation of the account after creating the customer account, as after an order also, IMMEDIATELY, which is then activated. If no mail appears, check your spam filter and / or mark our email as "not spam".
Perhaps it helps also already if you add our email address (info - at - to your addressbook. We can only send the emails, but for checking your mail accounts as e.g. at an order or for questions and querys and also shipping notifications you are responsible.

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Our Prices:
Minimum order value and discount: The minimum order value since economical and business reasons is 30.00 CHF.
DISCOUNT (at 700.- CHF the shipping charge is anyway 0.- inside CH and LI) you get 5% at a order value of 900.- CHF. If you already have as a regular customer 5%, you will get additional 5% - total 10% OFF your order.
We are ordering Worldwide at well-known and long years existing suppliers. Our key suppliers are in the U.S., Netherlands, Germany. This is, because most of the products which are for us and you are interesting, anyway ARE from the U.S., they come to Europe until a year or more later to Europe, whether with cheap copies then... or then already in purchasing much more expensive than the U.S. products in the original.
But the direct import causes relatively high import and shipping costs. As an example - a package of 10 kg costs about $ 250 from the States to us... Then there additional is customs- and tax charge, plus customs declaration commissions of the transport companys.
Statement: "In China, that's available for a fraction of that price":
We could also offer cheapest products from the Far East ... and thus enter the price-war in the erotic sector... NO! We will not do it! We sell quality with which you will be satisfied long years.
The problems in the Far East include, among other things, the used toxins and the working conditions in production, the European regulations with CE mark, approvals and compliance with safety regulations, TÜV etc. are added ...
In the Far East, especially China, although there are also regulations, but no one controls there (the state is happy if the companies only are enough selling and pay taxes) and therefore, the manufacturers can do practically what they want!

Even though many of our products are originally from China, WE and YOU are at the safe side if the products are approved in the US or the EC and are therefore tested for possible hazards / hazardous substances. At direct imports from the Far East, this is impossible for small businesses due to cost reasons.

Our conclusion: If you've seen an equivalent product elsewhere, this means NOT YET that the article is also equivalent... Photos never say ALL!
Unless you have the feeling, elsewhere this is cheaper... the same... Send us your request! We are happy to give you feedback and in any case a statement!

And another thing: Especially for expensive items, the purchase price plays a big role for us (and you). This is also related to the current foreign exchange rate.
For example, if you want to buy a High-Tech Real Doll (coming from the US) - ask us for the current price. The sales price which is visible in the shop, was calculated absolutely correct at this time of uploading at our shop!
This applies to all items in our shop. We are constantly on it ... and daily come various update lists.

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Order processing, delivery times:
When ordering, the purchaser accepts our terms and conditions.
Your order will be processed as soon we have received it. You will receive a confirmation of your order once it is available to us.
If (a) Product(s) is (are) in stock, you will receive it within 1-2 days, unless a valid credit card is available for booking, or receipt of payment.

We DON'T HAVE everything in stock! Therefore our prices are too low and our items are too special and our range of items too large, but we order at least 5x a week at our well etablished suppliers in the US and elsewhere to supply a fastest possible delivery...

IN STOCK ARE: All items in the sellout departments, most stockings, tights, bodystockings, costumes and some items of bdsm and also such as chastity, all articles of Fetisso latex fashion.
We send usually your order complete, so if you order several items and "one" item is in stock and some others not, we reserve the "one" for you, the others will be backordered at our suppliers.
When we order at our suppliers, then it needs about 1 to 5 working days for the shipment to reach us, but this is also dependent to the freight forwarder and customs, which are not always so fast for theyr money which we would like... We ship then to you - of course always - as soon as possible.
When ordering by "advance payment / prepaid"  must the purchase amount within 10 days be credited to our account. If you fax / scan and mail us the proof of payment, this will save your waiting time. (IF you own a BANK please contact us about stock and inventory if you would like to finance it... )
INFO: Online orders are legally, absolutely valid distance purchase contracts and binding for both sides!

The expected delivery time is depending on the day you order and the day we order at the suppliers. We will tell you the estimated delivery time in the order confirmation after receipt of the payment if not already paid by CC or Paypal.
Please have some patience, if it lasts sometimes a few days longer than indicated in the confirmation, unfortunately we are not members of a wizardfamily  and there are not all manufacturers ALWAYS be as reliable as we would like them to be.
The low price and the quality is certainly worth a few days waiting?
We DO NOT send automated messages for delays, since we regard this as useless. An automatic message is also completely impersonal from a computer-program created, what we want to avoid.
If you have questions, you can reach us at any time via email: info at, we answer as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

Because our range is quite large and constantly growing, it is impossible - also for the biggest supplier - to have always the desired size, quantity and color in stock.
SO PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! Your joy at the quality and exclusivity of the product will last longer! Of course, we do everything to send you the goods as quickly as possible!

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Payment options:
We offer credit cards payment by Visa, MC, Amex and Diners and CH-Postcard secure and highly SSL encrypted at
We accept DIRECTebanking with Klarna or then advance payment / wire transfer / payment cash by post (please by wire-transfer so there are no further third-party fees.)

IF you want to pay in cash at the post office, please add the additional taxes for cash-payments from the post (click me).

We will NOT ship (anymore) by cash at delivery or by invoice.
It is not possible to pay at pick up in cash. This has two reasons:
1. - We have no real store (anymore) and therefore we do not need a book for cash payments, which is mandatory. Acceptance of cash payments without cash book can be connected with relatively much trouble with the tax office ...
2. - We order and import the goods, then it may never picked up by someone ... (has happened several times formerly...!) ... and we stay on the goods and make loss - that does not work.
All payments must go through our account.

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Customers outside of Switzerland:
Here you find informations about: Customs and shipping charge.
Sorry if the shipping charge from the swiss post is relatively high... this is not our mistake and we can do nothing against... this is just rip-off from you ans us! ALSO about the newest regulations... IF you order any kind of FLUIDS - we have to declare AND send it separately. Please be understanding that we do NOT can take over the shipping charge for these items.... and we are wondering how this works if a personal lubricant could be explosive or dangerous when we ship outside CH.... except you use it... ahm... yes :)

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NEWSLETTER - news from us:
If you agree, you will receive a maximum of 1-3 times a year the newsletter, alerting you to new products or special offers in the shop.
You can agree when you create a new acccount, or at the newsletter-box at the right side at the menu. You can unsubscribe at any time on our homepage or if you click on the link at the end of each letter or by a simple email to us.

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