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Dilator Urethral Plugs

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Dilator urethral penis plugs buy: A dilator, also known as dilatator or bougie, is a medical device for dilating / expanding the urethra and also other body orifices. In the BdSM fetish area and also in electrosex urehral stimulaton dilor urethral sounds are very popular with many people.
At us you can buy different versions of the most used dilator urethral sounds according to Bakes, Pratt, Hegar, Dittle, van Buren, as well as special urethral penis plugs. High quality dilator urethral penis plugs & sounds are made of seamless, medical grade stainless steel. There are also chromed brass or steel dilators, which are well suited for electrostimulaton through better conductivity, but when dropped to a hard surface, the nickel-chromium layer can be damaged and the dilator is worthless.
In addition, you can buy silicone dilator urethral penis plugs, silicone sounds are flexible and soft, especially suitable for beginners. Dilator urethral penis plugs buy in Switzerlandfetischladen-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpglow-priced at Fetischladen CH
Notes: Please play with care and caution, a injury of the urethral canal is very painful, it can cause permanent damage! With urethral play we urgently recommend the use of a sterile lubricant like our K-Y-Jelly and sterilization of the urethral sounds prior to use by cooking in water or with sterile cleansing alcohol wipes.
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Chastity Cage w. hollow Dilator Gates-of-Hell Stainless Steel lockable
The chastity cage Gates-of-Hell by Master Series is made of stainless steel, it will hold your cock upright as the hollow urethral insert slides deep inside. The floating sound is capped with a ball, and features a hollow core for liquid to pass through. Each ring of the rings-penis cage is hinged for a better fit, the 7.6 mm strong and hollow urethral insert can be adjusted to the desired depth.
89,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Chastity Cage w. Urethral Stretcher Extreme-CBT
This is a high quality stainless steel urethral stretcher chastity cage with cockring and included padlock with keys by Rimba sextoys. The penis cage with 3 rings has a diameter of 35 mm, the cockring has a diameter of 4.5 cm and can be locked with the included padlock. You can stretch to a maximum of 35 mm and the urethral pins can be locked in posiition with winged nuts.
59,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Cleaning Wipe sterile 10 Sachets Alcohol Wipes
Alcohol wipes is useable for urethral inserts, electrosex toys, medical devices or a toy you want to desinfect. They are individually packaged for cleanliness, single use only.
8,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dilator Sperm Stopper Penisplug Silicone
Dilator "Sperm Stopper Penisplug" silicone from Penisplug. This is a blue penisplug with a ball tip as a sperm stopper. The silicone material is very flexible and quickly assumes body temperature. At the top there is a large ball, which prevents the dilator from sliding too far into the urethra and at the same time serves for perfect control. Comes with maximum 8 mm insertable diameter.
12,40 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dilator & Butt Plug hollow Piss-to-Ass Stainless Steel
This special set is for connoisseurs and lovers of urethral and anal pleasures! The hollow, heavy butt plug is connected to the hollow stainless steel penis plug via the hose and thus directs the urine directly into the anus. You have the choice between two silicone hoses - one transparent and one black - to connect to the penis plug and the anal plug. Use both together on yourself, or insert the anal plug into your partner's anus. Heavy butt plug with 3.7 cm diameter, dilator maximum 9 mm diameter.
69,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dilator hollow Piss Play Penisplug 7mm Silicone
Dilator hollow "Piss Play Penisplug 7mm" silicone by Penisplug. Urinating and ejaculating through the Piss Play penisplug is possible! This is a black dilator with a hollow interior that is inserted into the urethra. The premium silicone material is flexible, velvety soft. There is a ball on top of the dilator so that the dilator cannot slide too deep into the urethra. Comes with 7 mm insertable diameter.
12,50 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dilator Sound Hegar flat ended Stainless Steel
Available from 4 - 14 mm diameter! This are single available, stainless steel uretrhal sounds with one flat end, usable as handle or to attach E-stim clamps. This dilators are available in different diameters anc come with about 18 cm length.
19,80 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dilator w. Vibration & Beads Dark Rod Silicone
The Dark Rod is made of premium, non-porous and phthalate-free silicone, this vibrating beaded sound is body-safe and easy to sanitize! Experience every nodule as the flexible tail slips down your urethra. The one-speed vibrator is powerful, and will send shivers down your shaft. This extreme pleasure tool is waterproof, comes with 15.2 cm x 0.7 cm insertable size.
33,20 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Flexible Urethral Vibrator 10X Cadence Extreme
The Cadence Extreme by Master Series comes with a roundet tip and gives you over 35 cm of insertable length in 5 mm diameter to play with! The flexible premium-silicone is perfect for following the natural curves of your shaft, as well as transmitting the powerful vibration! Use the simple one-touch button to cycle through 3 speeds and 7 pulsing patterns to find the sensation that feels best thrumming through your penis.
54,80 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Glans Ring 25mm w. Ball Sperm Stopper Stainless Steel
This is a glans ring with a movable arm, to which a ball is attached, which can be inserted into the urethra and thus serves as a sperm stopper. The shiny polished glans ring exerts pressure on the penis and thus increases the sensitivity, creating a hard, firm glans, similar to a cock ring. Comes with inner ring diameter of 25 mm.
19,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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