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Dilator Urethral Penis Plugs buy

Dilator Urethral Plugs

Dilator Urethral Penis Plugs buy:dilator-urethral-penis-plugs-buy.jpg

Here we offer various dilator urethral penis plugs to buy. A dilator, also known as dilatator or bougie, is a medical device for dilating / expanding the urethra and also other body orifices. In the BdSM fetish area and also in electrosex urehral stimulaton dilor urethral sounds are very popular with many people.
At us you can buy different versions of the most used dilator urethral sounds after Bakes, Pratt, Hegar, Dittle, van Buren, as wel as special urethral penis plugs. High quality dilator urethral penis plugs & sounds are made of seamless, medical grade stainless steel. There are also chromed brass or steel dilators, which are well suited for electrostimulaton through better conductivity, but when dropped to a hard bottom, the nickel-chromium layer can be damaged and the dilator is worthless. In addition, you can buy silicone dilator urethral penis plugs, silicone sounds are flexible and soft, especially suitable for beginners.
Notes: Please play with care and caution, a violation of the urethral canal is very painful, it can cause permanent damage! With urethral play we urgently recommend the use of a sterile lubricant like our Surgilube and sterilization of the urethral sounds prior to use by cooking in water or with sterile cleansing wipes Alcowipe.
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Show 1 to 10 (of in total 63 products)