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Anatomical Penis Pump "Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit"

Anatomical Penis Pump Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit
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Anatomical Penis Pump Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit
Anatomical Penis Pump Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit
Anatomical Penis Pump Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit
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Product no.: PP009-EDC-0518700-O-SJ
GTIN/EAN: 4260001632013
MPN: PP009
Manufacturer: Fröhle Vakuum Vergrösserungsprodukte

Products description

Anatomical Penis Pump "Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit".

Anatomical penis pump Fröhle PP009 Slim-Fit, suitable for men with longer, slimmer-shaped penis. Anatomical shape of the penispump cylinder, made of comfortable, flexible material for a perfect fit.
The PP009 penis pump comes with a practical ball pump with a maximum of 250 mbar negative pressure for a magnificent, instant erection. Used regularly, male potency can be permanently improved, even with erectile dysfunction. This set comes with connection hose, pressure regulator valve, plug-in sleeve and hose sleeve.
The anatomical penis pump PP009 Slim-Fit by Fröhle is medical-technically tested, TÜV-tested and protected by patent, quality made in Germany.
Improve your erection with this penis pump from Fröhle. It can significantly improve male potency with regular use. In some cases, the pump can also help with erectile dysfunction.
This penis pump is transparent so that you can see the development closely. Flexible material with an anatomically shaped, slim fit that provides effortless support for most penises. The penis pump can be cleaned easily.
First, apply some water-based lubricant to the penis. Then pull the cylinder over the flaccid penis and press it against the body. Connect the hose of the vacuum pump with the hose connection to the cylinder and generate a vacuum by pressing the pump ball lightly.
Note that the sensitive skin of the penis must slowly get used to the negative pressure. Open the pressure regulator regularly during use. This allows the blood flow to return a little. Then pump again until you achieve the desired effect. Use the penis pump for a maximum of 20 minutes and stop using it immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.

Size: Vacuum cylinder length 21 cm, diameter 5 cm,

Material: PPR, PVC.
Ralf Swoboda

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