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Medical Sextoys buy

Medical Sextoys

Medical Sextoys Offers:medical-sextoys-speculum-urethral-sounds-buy.jpg

Here we offer medical sextoys to buy like different versions of a speculum, anal- and vaginal spreader onto a extreme spreader "giant speculum", they can be used for deep insights at the most intimate zones at women and men. If you are in doctor-role-play, we offer dilator and urethral sounds sets for urethral stretching games, they also can be used in conjunction with electrosex. We have single urethral plugs and penisplugs, made of flexible silicone or stainless steel, with or without vibrations in many varieties, also clamps, tongs and scissors for safety at bondage games or torture for breast and nipples.
In the pinwheel departement we offer anything which has thorns or nails, like spiked gloves, finger cat nails and wartenberg pinwheels with one single wheel or up to 10 sharp thorns equipped wheels. These pinwheels offer very special feelings, when rolled over the skin. With a dental retractor you can get a mouth spreader, where your sub will have to keep the mouth so far open as you wish, for a thorough examination or for "feeding". At vacuum we carry everything which produces negative air pressure, these items produce a vacuum at the nipples, breasts, penis, clitoris and labia or elsewhere at the body. Enema and anal hygiene is important if you use butt plugs to avoid a messy experience, here you get complete intimate cleaning shower set's, shower hose attachments, intestinal probes and enema mugs.
You are looking seriously for a larger, bigger and longer penis with more length and girth ? You want a serious penis training also to avoid premature ejaculation ? Then the "penis enlargement" is your departement with mechanical penis enlarger kits like well known products from Jes, Andro Extender or you rely on the approved Bathmate water penis training enlargement pump. Examination gloves, catheters, sterile lubricants, desinfectants can be found at other medical sextoys / accessory departement.

Medical Sextoys buy in Switzerland:

Note: At these departements Fetischladen CH offers some medical sextoys to buy, which may be harmful if misused, or with which you can get injured without proper handling. Special items in these departemens should be only used by experienced people. We sell these items as "Medical Sex Toys" or "Novelites". We disclaim all responsibility for improper use. Please be careful in accordance with the principles of BdSM "play safe, sane and consensual"!
Medical sextoys buy cheap in Switzerland at our erotic- fetish- & sex-onlineshop Fetischladen CH!Fetischladen-ch-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpg

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Penis Plug hollow 8mm w. Glans Ring 28mm Stainless Steel
This dilator comes with a conical shape and a rounded tip for easy insertion. The movable glans ring surrounds the glans and creates pressure. This penis plug is hollow, so liquids can flow through. Made of stainless steel, comes with 8 mm maximum insertable diameter and 28 mm diameter glans ring.
21,50 CHF
7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Urethral Sound hollow w. Waves 7-12mm
This is a glossy polished urethral sound with graduated waves, that increase in diameter the further the dilator is inserted. It is hollow on the inside so that liquids can flow through. At the end is a movable ring for perfect control. About 9 cm insertable, increasing diameters from 7 mm to 12 mm.
24,95 CHF
7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Urethra Stretcher CBT fourfold Meat Cleaver Stainless Steel
This exquisitely excruciating CBT piece will spread you open and leave you completely at their mercy. Designed to be inserted into the urethra, the four rounded spreader arms are suspended from a threaded bar. Twist the center nuts open as far as you think you can stand to get started. Then, as you tighten down the outer wing nuts, the arms will be pulled further and further apart, forcibly dilating your urethral opening.
39,95 CHF
7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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