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Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode "Power Wand"

Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
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Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode Power Wand
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Wand-Massager rechargeable 24-Mode "Power Wand".

Wand-massager rechargeable 24-mode "Power Wand" by You-2-Toys. This inexpensive wand-massager is equally suitable for full body massages and punctual stimulation!
The Power Wand is a rechargeable wand vibrator with a large, movable, slightly textured silicone massage head. With 24 different vibration modes, it ensures sensual pampering moments.
The 24 vibration modes can be conveniently controlled at the push of a button. A USB charging cable is included.
The 6.1 cm diameter large massage head also accepts all attachments available here in the shop. Use only water-based lubricants or hybrid lubricants with silicone sex toys. Avoid silicone lubricants, this can destroy the massage head.
After use, clean the massage head with warm water and mild, antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner. The wand vibrator 24-mode Power Wand is splash-proof, but must not be immersed in water.

Size: Total length 31 cm, massage head diameter 6.1 cm, wand vibrator weight 421g,

Material: Silicone, ABS,

Color: Black.
Ralf Swoboda

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