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Magic Wand Vibrators buy

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators buy in Switzerland:magic-wand-vibrators-buy.jpg

Here we offer replica magic wand vibrators to buy. These high-quality wand vibrators are at the vibrating strength in the conventional Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator in nothing below. Even the only 2 vibro steps of the original Magic Wand, which has been around for 25 years, are far exceeded with these products!
Hitachi does NOT sell in Europe (sales from the US and Japan to Europe are also banned and criminalized by Hitachi, in Germany the import is even prohibited by law - for whatever reason!). Only in the US and Japan / Far East the original Hitachi Magic wand rod vibrators are currently still available. The production has since been discontinued.
But as already mentioned, with the magic wand vibrators in this section with the numerous attachments, you surely will be satisfied! If you magic wand vibrators buy, you experience deep, even penetrating vibrations ... Most women can barely, not long or not at all endure the strongest levels and vibro mode's at the sensitive places. Whereby the wall-outlet dependent magic wand vibrators has more power than the rechargeable models. (Except the new PIXEY with u unbelievably power up to 12000 RPM!)
Originally developed for deep tissue massage, the magic wand vibrators are the strongest vibrators with the strongest effect on the market! We consciously refrain from selling cheap products that are now flooding the market, in the sense of our entire shop and shop assortment! Quality is in demand - NOT quantity! Magic wand vibrators buy in Switzerlandfetischladen-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpglow-priced at Fetischladen CH online store!

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Magic Wand Vibrator Doxy Compact Number-3 matt black
220V - Aluminium-Titanium alloy, extremely powerful & deep vibrations! The magic wand vibrator Doxy Compact Number-3 matt black comes in the smaller size than the standard Doxy wand vibrator with a head diameter of 4.5 cm for even more targeted stimulation and with only about 350g weight, but with the same extremely powerful vibrations up to 9000 rpm like the standard Doxy's!
149,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Magic Wand Vibrator Doxy Die-Cast Massager matt-black-gold
220V - Heavy Aluminium-Titanium alloy, extremely powerful & deep vibrations! The heavy luxury version of the Doxy massager! The magic wand vibrator Doxy Die-Cast massager matt-black with golden band and silicone massage-head comes in the same size as the standard Doxy wand vibrator, so it will take all standard sized attachments with about 6 cm diameter. However, it is heavier at 830 grams of weight! Choose from variable speeds from 3000 up to 9000 rpm!
214,50 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Le-Wand Wand Vibrator rechargeable Unicorn Limited Set
This is a rechargeable luxury massage wand Unicorn from Le Wand in a rainbow colorful design and comes as a set with accessories. Included is a unicorn dildo attachment and many other playful extras for imaginative massage fun with magical highlights! 20 vibration modes in 10 intensities ensure plenty of variety very quietly (maximum 68 dB). With the 3-button control on the handle, everything can be controlled easily and conveniently. The wand vibrator fits perfectly in the hand while being pampered. The classic ergonomic design with a long handle and movable massage head easily reaches all parts of the body and external pleasure points. The massage head with its velvety soft touch texture glides over the skin as if by itself and pampers you with the highest level of comfort. Just like the unicorn dildo attachment made of silicone, which can be easily inserted vaginally or anally. Unicorn Wand vibrating wand set including unicorn dildo attachment and storage travel bag as well as postcard, key ring, patch and sticker with rainbow and unicorn motifs.
219,95 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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