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DELIVERY TIMES Eroticshop Sexshop Fetischladen CH Switzerland

Delivery times Eroticshop Sexshop Fetischladen CH Switzerland:

Learn more about the Delivery times at our eroticshop sexshop Fetischladen CH Switzerland:

We will let you know about the expected delivery time, when we work on the order paid by cards Visa, MC, Amex, Diners and Postcard. At prepaid-orders / wire transfer / / Klarna you will hear from us about the expected delivery time, when we have received the purchase amount.
You really can purchase at us at low amounts mostly much cheaper than the other's offers... (In almost all cases inside switzerland, but also very often at shops in the EC and the United States...).
The ONLY thing would be, you have a bit of time!
The delivery time is dependent from which supplier / manufacturer in which country your ordered items come from, when at which day you and we order them, and if we have them in our stock or not.
At this time we offer about 5100 different erotic items at our sexshop, without colors and sizes, otherwise this number x 4 items. Without sponsoring it is absolutely impossible to have everything in stock.
The longest shipping / importing times occur at our US-suppliers with about 2-5 business days to us. Even from the EU the shipments need often 3-4 and more days to us.

We have also suppliers, where we can ship in 2 business days.
Generally we can ship all orders in 3 - 5 business days.

Exceptions can occur when there are, for example, wrong dates at the supplier, or also when the daily update lists from the suppliers arrive, and it's not yet applied to our shop.
Hereby we can do a partial-shipment at orders above 150.- CHF (inside switzerland), the outstanding item will be delivered then, without any cost for you, as soon available again. Of course, we will inform you as soon we know about the circumstances.

If there is something backordered at our suppliers, it needs normally about 2-4 weeks until the item is available again. At orders below 150.- CHF we can also ship partial, but with additional charge for the customer.
Express, priority, saturday-delivery is also possible (As soon ready to ship) with additional charge for the customer.

Then there is also the customs, which can delay shipments for some days, or freight forwarders with "shiny services" which get more and more expensive with less real service...
Or sometimes comes this in:
"Severe weather conditions have delayed delivery. / Your delivery has been rescheduled for the next business day."
This is annoying, but understandable, the safety of the workers is in first line.

Our Tip:
Compare our prices with the Switzerland's competitors! We do our best to get the best-possible offers for you, therefore we need some days to ship.
We have seen price differences at the most eroticshops in Switzerland as also in the EC compared to our's between 10% up to 300% !
The clever customer - with a litte bit of time - is shopping at !

We at Fetischladen CHfetischladen-schweiz-switzerland-suisse-svizzera.jpgdo ALWAYS our best to get your order as soon as possible to you!

Please read for more details also the "Informations for customers".